localhost/phpMyAdmin is the home address of the phpMyAdmin script, which is the most advanced and most popular Mysql database management software you have installed on the server on your local computer.

What is phpMyAdmin? : It is a free platform where multiple and detailed database management is done with the help of MySql. In order to use the PhpMyAdmin platform, you can download the Linux virtual server program, install it on your computer and start using it after making the necessary settings.

Note: phpMyAdmin logins from the remote server are usually done via cPanel.
You can download whatever you want from 2 different virtual server programs via the links below.
XAMPP – download
WampServer – download

How to Open phpMyAdmin?

After the servers are installed, I recommend restarting your computer. After your computer restarts, the server must be opened. After the server starts, type “localhost/phpmyadmin” in the address line, and then you can complete your transactions through the platform opened.

How to Install phpMyAdmin?

You can install the program without any problems and start using it by completing the instructions for downloading and installing the program via the links mentioned above.

What are phpMyAdmin Features?

When phpMyAdmin is examined in detail, I can say that its main function is database management. You can add and remove data storage through the advanced platform, which includes extensive data management, with MySql Codes and auxiliary tools on phpMyAdmin. I will be talking about phpMyAdmin features in the following articles.

Using phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is very simple to use and is the most popular tab database among its usage areas. You can view the databases on this tab and view and make changes on the selected database. I will be listing the tabs on phpMyAdmin with you below.

phpMyAdmin User Permissions

It is the tab where the ability to make changes to the database or tables, delete and create new features is defined through the Users tab. You can keep your security at the highest level by making very fine adjustments to the user tables determined through this tab.