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تعد بوابة وزارة الصحة السعودية واجهة إعلامية إلكترونية لنشر معلومات صحية دقيقة ومدخلاً إلكترونياً لكل ما تقدمه الوزارة من خدمات is a safe website about "" in الوزارة category. The server is running at ip address and there is a secure connection certificate between the website and the visitor. When we did a security search, no viruses or spam were detected on web page. My moh gov sa have daily 72K and monthly 2.2M unique visitors from Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt. While 64% of users browse the site for a long time, 36% exit immediately. Also, 54% of visitors come from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex. According to our financial situation analysis, this website earns an estimated daily $325, weekly $1K and monthly $10K from online advertising. If you want to buy this domain, you need to revise $63867. Because the value of the website can range from at least $44365 to $83368. The,,, similar & alternative web sites to

Search Keywords

وزارة الصحة
الغدة الدرقية
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☁ Content Meaning

  1. الوزارة 4%
  2. الصحية 3%
  3. الإلكترونية 3%
  4. خدمة 3%
  5. خدمات 2%
  6. البوابة 2%
  7. الصحة 2%
  8. صحة 1%
  9. الخدمات 1%
  10. حساب 1%
  11. اسم 1%
  12. الوزير 1%
  13. الأدوات 1%
  14. التوعية 1%
  15. العالمية 1%
  16. التوعوية 1%
  17. التثقيفي 1%
  18. المحتوى 1%
  19. الأيام 1%
  20. المرضى 1%
  21. %

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☯ Technology Analysis

☂ Threat Analysis

✇ DNS Records

AIN3286 ip:
NSIN900 target:
NSIN900 target:
NSIN900 target:
NSIN900 target:
NSIN900 target:
NSIN900 target:
TXTIN900 txt: v=spf1 mx -all
entries: v=spf1 mx -all
TXTIN900 txt: google-site-verification=K9A89YNDigdtyBC6dUT187ef2y6SdmKBoPQ0ZoA0868
entries: google-site-verification=K9A89YNDigdtyBC6dUT187ef2y6SdmKBoPQ0ZoA0868
TXTIN900 txt: google-site-verification=ck3tglbVKkspLjOQ4btmF1MVXie36uOp0wK7OlNg67E
entries: google-site-verification=ck3tglbVKkspLjOQ4btmF1MVXie36uOp0wK7OlNg67E
TXTIN900 txt: MS=ms48025214
entries: MS=ms48025214
MXIN900 pri: 10
MXIN900 pri: 20
MXIN900 pri: 20
MXIN900 pri: 10
SOAIN900 mname:
serial: 2016070587
refresh: 10800
retry: 3600
expire: 2419200
minimum-ttl: 900

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✉ Server IP Details

☰ HTTP Headers

cache-control private, max-age=0
content-type text/html; charset=utf-8
expires mon, 03 feb 2020 09
last-modified tue, 18 feb 2020 09
x-sharepointhealthscore 0
sprequestguid 449b369f-51a5-201d-dbf8-e299a92f725b
request-id 449b369f-51a5-201d-dbf8-e299a92f725b
x-frame-options sameorigin
sprequestduration 38
spiislatency 0
x-content-type-options nosniff
x-ms-invokeapp 1; requirereadonly
strict-transport-security max-age=31536000
x-xss-protection 1; mode=block
date tue, 18 feb 2020 09
connection keep-alive
content-length 62258
set-cookie ts01114e6d=0159423f4ec1ad55e87437946528f5e76fa60909d2a6b204807cf71e6eccec28cdb6dfa42dc843d832ff26ad0480bb739b6800351a; path=/;; secure; httponly

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User-agent: * Disallow: /_layouts/ Disallow: /_vti_bin/ Disallow: /_catalogs/ Sitemap:

⚔ SSL Analyse

SubjectC = US, O = DigiCert Inc, CN = DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA
IssuerC = US, O = DigiCert Inc, OU =, CN = DigiCert Global Root CA
Serial Number01fda3eb6eca75c888438b724bcfbc91
Signature Algorithmsha256WithRSAEncryption
Public Key AlgorithmrsaEncryption
X509v3 Basic ConstraintsCA:TRUE,pathlen:0
X509v3 Key UsageDigitalSignature,CertificateSign,CRLSign
Authority Information AccessOCSP-URI:
X509v3 CRL Distribution Points, FullName:, URI:, FullName:, URI:
X509v3 Certificate PoliciesPolicy:X509v3AnyPolicy, CPS:
X509v3 Subject Key Identifier0F:80:61:1C:82:31:61:D5:2F:28:E7:8D:46:38:B4:2C:E1:C6:D9:E2
X509v3 Authority Key Identifierkeyid:03:DE:50:35:56:D1:4C:BB:66:F0:A3:E2:1B:1B:C3:97:B2:3D:D1:55
Start dateMar 8 12:00:00 2013 GMT
Expire dateMar 8 12:00:00 2023 GMT
RSA Public Key2048

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