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    TXT3600 MS=ms11841316
    TXT3600 MS=ms37345542
    TXT3600 MS=ms99293860
    TXT3600 33k91vsrtld82d8g2ecjgiiu1s
    TXT3600 clf8f4nn8mqnjfuotbusp44os2
    TXT3600 dhqurdkd3rsa772lfj13shovs3
    TXT3600 hrt4onmdvd892su969up03f5he
    TXT3600 ht7bnshg63j7n74bc3qljk70k7
    TXT3600 nintex.5f23d2dba5ad340038e040ce
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    TXT3600 google-site-verification=jrTra4HSg9G4EPW9XFRHTAWz6ONW893zhvvjZZWISLg
    TXT3600 _globalsign-domain-verification=lOmVfmABsu7MD-naoxkcCvNHhVO4TY4cWKteEJPEL8
    TXT3600 _globalsign-domain-verification=x5djyaZYDG8GgMgqtGfMck1Gt8Y4UoxVAndWs4i1ZF
    TXT3600 M7Ovyi/FHJMujMqo19ioVIRJg/nlorxVKvY8Hklrp15x5slql77wr4to76WzeNRkhfn4isbbSrW6ruadkLKu6A==
    TXT3600 sophos-domain-verification=ea7c0730ee4d5e5a86a57d1cfb4909a3da60661c901ae4ec62b6425503f0a388
    TXT3600 adobe-idp-site-verification=7b74694c37f4a53911d2312f58107e5d4ce3d2509252cc9cb253cc4a321ff390
    TXT3600 v=spf1 exists:%{i} ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ~all

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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whois server by HKIRC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .hk top level Domain names can be registered via HKIRC-Accredited Registrars. Go to for details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domain Name: VTC.EDU.HK Bundled Domain Name: 職業訓練局.教育.香港 Domain Status: Active DNSSEC: unsigned Contract Version: HKDNR latest version Active variants Inactive variants Registrar Name: Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited Registrar Contact Information: Email: Hotline: +852 2319 1313 Reseller: Registrant Contact Information: Company English Name (It should be the same as the registered/corporation name on your Business Register Certificate or relevant documents): VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Company Chinese name: 職業訓練局 Address: VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL TOWER 27 WOOD ROAD, WAN CHAI HONG KONG Country: Hong Kong (HK) Email: Domain Name Commencement Date: 05-02-1996 Expiry Date: 01-10-2027 Re-registration Status: Complete Administrative Contact Information: Given name: MR. RINGO CHAN Family name: MR. RINGO CHAN Company name: VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Address: INFORMATION TECHNOLOFY SERVICES DIVISION 13/F, VTC TOWER 27 WOOD ROAD, WAN CHAI Country: Hong Kong (HK) Phone: +852-29191446 Fax: +852-25748063 Email: Account Name: HK1376097T Technical Contact Information: Given name: MONCHAI Family name: KUNG Company name: VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Address: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES DIVISION 13/F VTC TOWER 27 WOOD ROAD, WAN CHAI Country: Hong Kong (HK) Phone: +852-28354510 Fax: +852-25748063 Email: Name Servers Information: DNS2.VTC.EDU.HK DNS3.VTC.EDU.HK NS2.GDNSDEF.COM NS2.GDNSEC.COM Status Information: Domain Prohibit Status: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Registry contains ONLY,,,,, and .hk $domains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHOIS Terms of Use By using this WHOIS search enquiry service you agree to these terms of use. The data in HKDNR's WHOIS search engine is for informational purposes only and HKDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. The data is provided to assist people obtaining information about the registration record of domain names registered by HKDNR. You agree to use the data for lawful purposes only. In light of the General Data Protection Regulation, HKIRC reserves the right to not make available certain data on this WHOIS search enquiry. You are not authorised to use high-volume, electronic or automated processes to access, query or harvest data from this WHOIS search enquiry service. You agree that you will not and will not allow anyone else to: a. use the data for mass unsolicited commercial advertising of any sort via any media including telephone, email or fax; or b. enable high volume, automated or electronic processes that apply to HKDNR or its computer systems including the WHOIS search enquiry service; or c. without the prior written consent of HKDNR compile, repackage, disseminate, disclose to any third party or use the data for a purpose other than obtaining information about a domain name registration record; or d. use such data to derive an economic benefit for yourself. HKIRC in its sole discretion may terminate your access to the WHOIS search enquiry service (including but not limited to blocking your IP address) at any time due to, including but not limited to, excessive use of the WHOIS search enquiry service. HKDNR may modify these terms of use at any time by publishing the modified terms of use on its website.

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    date tue, 14 may 2024 19
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    SubjectC = HK, ST = Hong Kong, O = Vocational Training Council, CN =
    IssuerC = GB, ST = Greater Manchester, L = Salford, O = Sectigo Limited, CN = Sectigo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA
    Serial Number206e715fe7b873bc5fa6a6b7109b3ef6
    Signature Algorithmsha256WithRSAEncryption
    Public Key AlgorithmrsaEncryption
    Authority Key Identifier17:D9:D6:25:27:67:F9:31:C2:49:43:D9:30:36:44:8C:6C:A9:4F:EB
    Subject Key Identifier04:8C:6A:A4:D3:D5:A2:57:CE:FB:52:B2:5F:41:55:27:DF:8C:D5:F5
    Key UsageDigital Signature, Key Encipherment
    Basic ConstraintsCA:FALSE
    Extended Key UsageTLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
    Certificate PoliciesPolicy: CPS: Policy:
    CRL Distribution PointsFull Name: URI:
    Authority Information AccessCA Issuers - URI: OCSP - URI:
    Subject Alternative,
    CT Precertificate SCTsSigned Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : CF:11:56:EE:D5:2E:7C:AF:F3:87:5B:D9:69:2E:9B:E9: 1A:71:67:4A:B0:17:EC:AC:01:D2:5B:77:CE:CC:3B:08 Timestamp : Feb 26 13:34:34.505 2024 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:46:02:21:00:8F:C7:9A:77:60:98:B6:40:B1:A8:A1: BC:9E:18:CF:A1:FA:E8:51:FF:16:FF:2A:61:2E:F5:3C: DC:09:FA:11:0C:02:21:00:C3:1D:E2:B7:09:24:2A:9C: 6E:8B:5C:85:53:5A:5C:F5:79:09:43:E3:3F:5F:75:FA: 7B:A7:79:E6:10:43:11:CC Signed Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : A2:E3:0A:E4:45:EF:BD:AD:9B:7E:38:ED:47:67:77:53: D7:82:5B:84:94:D7:2B:5E:1B:2C:C4:B9:50:A4:47:E7 Timestamp : Feb 26 13:34:34.620 2024 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:45:02:21:00:CA:C6:BA:6E:95:1E:DB:91:57:DE:A4: 6D:F8:BA:71:8A:7B:CB:9C:6A:8E:23:C8:EF:42:13:AF: 3B:91:C0:0B:9F:02:20:2A:A4:30:D2:F0:38:E9:9A:94: BC:B3:81:61:58:65:D9:DB:CD:16:75:61:D6:0F:DD:6C: B1:65:41:0F:21:9C:AE Signed Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : 4E:75:A3:27:5C:9A:10:C3:38:5B:6C:D4:DF:3F:52:EB: 1D:F0:E0:8E:1B:8D:69:C0:B1:FA:64:B1:62:9A:39:DF Timestamp : Feb 26 13:34:34.629 2024 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:45:02:20:5F:E0:75:6A:14:75:DD:67:B8:2E:B9:6E: 28:9F:FA:EE:EB:E8:E4:64:8F:F3:58:13:C3:13:1D:19: 73:2C:EC:08:02:21:00:CF:60:F1:AB:30:0A:BD:BC:34: 27:08:E3:FB:AB:E8:7F:36:42:06:76:7E:44:CA:E8:3C: 47:7B:7F:D6:94:56:4D
    Start dateFeb 26 00:00:00 2024 GMT
    Expire dateFeb 25 23:59:59 2025 GMT
    RSA Public Key2048

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