olx.ua: olx.ua - крупнейший сервис объявлений украины. огромная база предложений по темам: недвижимость, работа, транспорт, купля/продажа товаров, услуги и многое другое на olx.ua!.
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olx.ua is a safe website about "olx.ua in e-commerce_and_shopping/classifieds category. The server is running at ip address and there is a secure connection certificate between the website and the visitor. When we did a security search, no viruses or spam were detected on web page. have daily 2.2M and monthly 66.5M unique visitors from UA, DE, NL, PL, US and worldwide. According to our financial situation analysis, this website earns an estimated daily $10K, weekly $43K and monthly $299K from online advertising. If you want to buy this domain, you need to revise $1961214. Because the value of the website can range from at least $1362370 to $2560058. The similar & alternative web sites to olx.ua.

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      SOA300 ns1.olx.ua awsdns-hostmaster.amazon.com
      MX1800 aspmx.l.google.com
      MX1800 alt1.aspmx.l.google.com
      MX1800 aspmx2.googlemail.com
      TXT1800 MS=ms55710862
      TXT1800 ZOOM_verify_LMXUZ3YHRXmNWv-yh-Ez-Q
      TXT1800 apple-domain-verification=lX9iLWTecrYTCW7n
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      TXT1800 google-site-verification=OPU-qfiZzaEjMb1f3krDwtVbm8BuuzOOxaREh_oKDLs
      TXT1800 google-site-verification=f2S4FN_BlOlOMXamHZeg0XSu54wsmKeGKsluT23ja4Q
      TXT1800 google-site-verification=qjowklqP2EdSR0B5EnfdPFhBcFXnVmNkc_PhVvJavas
      TXT1800 google-site-verification=tsh0-suuSMDL7INz4MP5BWrSwilt35Bl4SL8gw4dQ5w
      TXT1800 v=spf1 include:orkxpspixw.powerspf.com ~all
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      % Request from % This is the Ukrainian Whois query server #C. % The Whois is subject to Terms of use % See https://hostmaster.ua/services/ % % IN THE PROCESS OF DELEGATION OF A DOMAIN NAME, % THE REGISTRANT IS AN ENTITY WHO USES AND MANAGES A CERTAIN DOMAIN NAME, % AND THE REGISTRAR IS A BUSINESS ENTITY THAT PROVIDES THE REGISTRANT % WITH THE SERVICES NECESSARY FOR THE TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE OF THE REGISTRATION AND OPERATION OF THE DOMAIN NAME. % FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE REGISTRANT OF THE DOMAIN NAME, YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE REGISTRAR. domain: olx.ua dom-public: NO license: 167342 mnt-by: ua.geonic nserver: ns1.olx.ua nserver: ns2.olx.ua nserver: ns3.olx.ua nserver: ns4.olx.ua status: clientTransferProhibited created: 2013-02-27 09:47:42+02 modified: 2024-01-17 21:28:16+02 expires: 2025-02-27 09:47:41+02 source: UAEPP % Glue Records: % ============= nserver: ns2.olx.ua ip-address: nserver: ns1.olx.ua ip-address: nserver: ns4.olx.ua ip-address: nserver: ns3.olx.ua ip-address: % Registrar: % ========== registrar: ua.geonic organization: GeoNIC NET Ltd. organization-loc: ТОВ "Геонiк Нет" url: http://geonic.net city: Odesa country: UA abuse-email: mari@geonic.net abuse-phone: +380.505827082 abuse-postal: Ukraine 65031 Odesa Jadova str. 8, room 38, box 63 abuse-postal-loc: Україна 65031 Одеса вул. С. Ядова, буд. 8, кв. 38, а/с 63 source: UAEPP % Registrant: % =========== person: Domain Administrator organization: OLX B.V. e-mail: legal-cee@olx.com address: Taurusavenue 105 address: Noord-Holland address: Hoofddorp postal-code: 2132 LS country: NL phone: +48.660614395 fax: +48.660614395 mnt-by: ua.geonic status: ok status: linked created: 2017-11-09 15:58:56+02 source: UAEPP % Administrative Contacts: % ======================= person: Domain Administrator organization: OLX B.V. e-mail: legal-cee@olx.com address: Taurusavenue 105 address: Noord-Holland address: Hoofddorp postal-code: 2132 LS country: NL phone: +48.660614395 fax: +48.660614395 mnt-by: ua.geonic status: ok status: linked created: 2017-11-09 15:58:56+02 source: UAEPP % Technical Contacts: % =================== person: Domain Administrator organization: OLX B.V. e-mail: domains@olx.com address: Taurusavenue 105 address: Noord-Holland address: Hoofddorp postal-code: 2132 LS country: NL phone: +27.112893792 fax: +27.112893792 mnt-by: ua.geonic status: ok status: linked created: 2017-11-09 16:00:58+02 source: UAEPP % Query time: 12 msec

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      # sitecode:olxua-desktop Host: https://www.olx.ua Sitemap: https://www.olx.ua/sitemap.xml User-agent: * Disallow: */ajax/ Disallow: */adminpanel/ Disallow: */facebook/ Disallow: */rss/ Disallow: */account/ Disallow: */myaccount/ Disallow: */print/ Disallow: */chat/ Disallow: */i2/obyavlenie/abuse/ Disallow: */m/obyavlenie/abuse/ Disallow: */bundles/ Disallow: */obyavlenie/flyer/ Disallow: */obyavlenie/contact/ Disallow: */payment/ Disallow: */post-new-ad Disallow: */favorites Disallow: */abuse/ Disallow: */search/ Disallow: */observed Disallow: */adding Disallow: */list/next/ Disallow: */list/prev/ Disallow: */api/v1/users/me/ Disallow: */api/v1/offers/*/page-views/ Disallow: */api/v1/offers/*/suggested/ Disallow: */api/v1/targeting/ Disallow: */api/v1/offers/metadata/ Disallow: */i2/obyavlenie/contact/* Disallow: /api/open/oauth/token/ Disallow: */i2/* Allow: /

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      SubjectCN = olx.ua
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      Public Key AlgorithmrsaEncryption
      Authority Key Identifier55:D9:18:5F:D2:1C:CC:01:E1:58:B4:BE:AB:D9:55:42:01:D7:2E:02
      Subject Key Identifier50:63:28:EC:D1:1B:79:F7:0E:18:8F:3F:74:88:60:63:BF:33:50:2A
      Subject Alternative NameDNS:olx.ua, DNS:*.olx.ua
      Certificate PoliciesPolicy:
      Key UsageDigital Signature, Key Encipherment
      Extended Key UsageTLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
      CRL Distribution PointsFull Name: URI:http://crl.r2m03.amazontrust.com/r2m03.crl
      Authority Information AccessOCSP - URI:http://ocsp.r2m03.amazontrust.com CA Issuers - URI:http://crt.r2m03.amazontrust.com/r2m03.cer
      Basic ConstraintsCA:FALSE
      CT Precertificate SCTsSigned Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : EE:CD:D0:64:D5:DB:1A:CE:C5:5C:B7:9D:B4:CD:13:A2: 32:87:46:7C:BC:EC:DE:C3:51:48:59:46:71:1F:B5:9B Timestamp : Nov 18 07:13:07.425 2023 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:44:02:20:1C:90:5E:73:7B:F7:C7:AD:C7:BE:91:CE: BF:49:E7:1F:16:BA:BE:3D:C8:55:93:DA:C9:D4:42:B6: 90:19:82:CA:02:20:32:19:6B:30:A0:F7:21:63:04:BF: B5:10:8B:D1:3C:2C:76:DD:AE:49:8D:3E:B1:D7:5B:EB: AA:17:49:92:B0:AF Signed Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : 48:B0:E3:6B:DA:A6:47:34:0F:E5:6A:02:FA:9D:30:EB: 1C:52:01:CB:56:DD:2C:81:D9:BB:BF:AB:39:D8:84:73 Timestamp : Nov 18 07:13:07.414 2023 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:46:02:21:00:D7:4F:0B:1C:E8:10:BE:AC:D5:FD:D6: 7E:71:21:62:72:0B:36:A0:81:6A:F5:45:C8:89:E0:F2: F6:FC:84:79:2D:02:21:00:B7:D8:EB:2D:5D:1F:D2:FA: 6F:26:E9:09:1C:1C:07:D1:36:AA:00:DF:CC:0A:EE:06: 40:FB:49:0F:67:FC:81:CC Signed Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : DA:B6:BF:6B:3F:B5:B6:22:9F:9B:C2:BB:5C:6B:E8:70: 91:71:6C:BB:51:84:85:34:BD:A4:3D:30:48:D7:FB:AB Timestamp : Nov 18 07:13:07.429 2023 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:44:02:20:60:D7:6A:18:5D:25:CD:A6:9E:C4:04:63: 18:8D:6D:30:22:D4:DF:BF:40:8E:CC:6D:76:E9:10:6C: 36:BB:10:5C:02:20:75:C6:76:61:8D:76:BC:38:D7:8B: 22:40:BC:61:37:11:68:0F:8B:14:8A:71:A5:23:97:08: A3:3D:42:AA:8D:3B
      Start dateNov 18 00:00:00 2023 GMT
      Expire dateDec 15 23:59:59 2024 GMT
      RSA Public Key2048

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