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Last update: . is a safe website about "ONERA - Service non accessible in category. The server is running at ip address and there is a secure connection certificate between the website and the visitor. When we did a security search, no viruses or spam were detected on web page. The similar & alternative web sites to

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From the table below, you can track the service conditions that we have periodically check in relation to the interruptions.

DateServer StatusSpeed
2024-07-15 10:24:08 Online0.0626 Second
2024-07-14 16:15:02 Online0.0477 Second
2024-07-13 22:15:03 Online0.0477 Second
2024-07-13 04:16:03 Online0.0498 Second
2024-07-11 22:34:03 Online0.0477 Second
2024-07-10 17:49:08 Online0.0498 Second
2024-06-04 11:43:02 Online0.0520 Second
2024-06-03 17:42:02 Online0.0420 Second
2024-06-02 22:55:03 Online0.0445 Second
2024-06-02 04:29:03 Online0.0448 Second
2024-06-01 10:28:02 Online0.0447 Second
2024-05-31 18:03:04 Online0.0277 Second
2024-05-31 01:30:02 Online0.0272 Second
2024-05-28 03:33:02 Online0.0455 Second
2024-05-27 09:37:03 Online0.0445 Second
2024-05-26 15:40:02 Online0.0572 Second
2024-05-25 21:43:02 Online0.0426 Second
2024-05-24 03:43:07 Online0.0529 Second
2024-05-23 23:12:04 Online0.0530 Second
2024-05-23 18:41:06 Online0.0449 Second

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      %% %% %% %% %% domain: status: ACTIVE eppstatus: active hold: NO holder-c: CTC3397295-FRNIC admin-c: PM90-FRNIC tech-c: HD5402-FRNIC tech-c: PFB430-FRNIC registrar: GIP RENATER Expiry Date: 2024-09-28T23:00:00Z created: 1994-12-31T23:00:00Z last-update: 2024-05-13T07:02:31.081049Z source: FRNIC nserver: nserver: source: FRNIC registrar: GIP RENATER address: Array address: 75013 PARIS country: FR phone: +33.153942030 fax-no: +33.153942031 e-mail: domaine✉ website: anonymous: No registered: 1997-12-29T00:00:00Z source: FRNIC nic-hdl: HD5402-FRNIC type: PERSON contact: Herve Devilliers address: ONERA address: 29, avenue de la Division Leclerc address: 92322 Chatillon country: FR phone: +33.146734408 e-mail: herve.devilliers✉ registrar: GIP RENATER anonymous: NO obsoleted: NO eppstatus: associated eppstatus: active eligstatus: ok eligdate: 2017-09-10T00:00:00Z reachstatus: not identified source: FRNIC nic-hdl: PM90-FRNIC type: PERSON contact: Pierre Malecki address: ONERA address: 29 Avenue de la Division Leclerc address: 92320 Châtillon country: FR phone: +33.146734406 e-mail: pierre.malecki✉ registrar: GIP RENATER changed: 2022-09-08T13:38:15Z anonymous: NO obsoleted: NO eppstatus: associated eppstatus: active eligstatus: not identified reachstatus: not identified source: FRNIC nic-hdl: PFB430-FRNIC type: PERSON contact: Pierre-Frédéric Berte address: ONERA address: 29 Avenue de la Division Leclerc address: 92320 Châtillon country: FR phone: +33.146733949 e-mail: pierre-frederic.berte✉ registrar: GIP RENATER anonymous: NO obsoleted: NO eppstatus: associated eppstatus: active eligstatus: not identified reachstatus: not identified source: FRNIC nic-hdl: CTC3397295-FRNIC type: ORGANIZATION contact: OFFICE NATIONAL D'ETUDES ET DE RECHERCHES AEROSPATIALES address: ONERA address: Chemin De la Hunière address: 91120 Palaiseau country: FR phone: +33.180386060 e-mail: dsi-contact✉ registrar: GIP RENATER anonymous: NO obsoleted: NO eppstatus: associated eppstatus: active eligstatus: not identified reachstatus: ok reachmedia: phone reachsource: REGISTRAR reachdate: 2024-05-13T06:47:50.482709Z source: FRNIC >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2024-05-14T22:57:39.309412Z <<<

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      date tue, 14 may 2024 22
      server apache
      x-xss-protection 1; mode=block
      x-content-type-options nosniff
      x-frame-options sameorigin
      content-security-policy default-src https
      strict-transport-security max-age=31536000; includesubdomains
      last-modified tue, 01 nov 2022 16
      etag &quot;2c6-5ec6b5f5950c6&quot;
      accept-ranges bytes
      content-length 710
      keep-alive timeout=5, max=100
      connection keep-alive
      content-type text/html; charset=utf-8

      ⚔ SSL Analytics

      IssuerC = GB, ST = Greater Manchester, L = Salford, O = Sectigo Limited, CN = Sectigo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA
      Serial Numberd5aca39dec600d0d95b1e3c83472e4c6
      Signature Algorithmsha256WithRSAEncryption
      Public Key AlgorithmrsaEncryption
      Authority Key Identifier17:D9:D6:25:27:67:F9:31:C2:49:43:D9:30:36:44:8C:6C:A9:4F:EB
      Subject Key Identifier1D:EE:4E:33:6F:AB:14:C8:5E:17:F1:10:B6:5B:2D:7E:44:34:EF:E9
      Key UsageDigital Signature, Key Encipherment
      Basic ConstraintsCA:FALSE
      Extended Key UsageTLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
      Certificate PoliciesPolicy: CPS: Policy:
      CRL Distribution PointsFull Name: URI:
      Authority Information AccessCA Issuers - URI: OCSP - URI:
      Subject Alternative NameDNS:*,
      CT Precertificate SCTsSigned Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : 76:FF:88:3F:0A:B6:FB:95:51:C2:61:CC:F5:87:BA:34: B4:A4:CD:BB:29:DC:68:42:0A:9F:E6:67:4C:5A:3A:74 Timestamp : Sep 18 10:39:57.561 2023 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:45:02:20:4B:99:50:53:46:5C:BF:C2:63:8A:00:29: C4:EF:EB:92:E5:00:2F:06:6E:6D:99:AA:80:88:C1:57: 6D:7B:38:BB:02:21:00:AD:C0:C2:47:8B:1D:69:95:47: 49:C6:40:B4:50:5A:B2:32:99:48:36:6D:95:D7:06:23: 1F:E3:29:E9:6E:D4:12 Signed Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : DA:B6:BF:6B:3F:B5:B6:22:9F:9B:C2:BB:5C:6B:E8:70: 91:71:6C:BB:51:84:85:34:BD:A4:3D:30:48:D7:FB:AB Timestamp : Sep 18 10:39:57.651 2023 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:45:02:20:35:EC:66:49:04:C1:6C:7B:03:0B:DA:5C: 50:9E:C5:B6:FC:17:A5:F7:49:94:A4:D9:98:A7:83:39: 80:3B:82:59:02:21:00:D2:9A:33:A1:5D:0A:B5:A0:4B: 63:5D:B1:AE:2A:8E:36:55:44:05:19:DB:AF:9F:3E:6A: F9:76:D9:99:9E:A8:74 Signed Certificate Timestamp: Version : v1 (0x0) Log ID : EE:CD:D0:64:D5:DB:1A:CE:C5:5C:B7:9D:B4:CD:13:A2: 32:87:46:7C:BC:EC:DE:C3:51:48:59:46:71:1F:B5:9B Timestamp : Sep 18 10:39:57.607 2023 GMT Extensions: none Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 30:45:02:20:40:9E:D1:33:A4:E2:6F:7F:57:4D:11:F3: C6:B6:7B:78:F2:CD:5F:13:01:34:58:1D:55:BF:E7:A8: BD:3A:39:D6:02:21:00:F5:35:4E:54:C3:E0:AE:7F:48: 61:BD:7C:CF:B9:6F:C1:58:0F:60:CE:6E:F7:BB:86:3B: 0F:78:21:26:3C:8C:D1
      Start dateSep 18 00:00:00 2023 GMT
      Expire dateOct 18 23:59:59 2024 GMT
      RSA Public Key2048

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