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What is my Browser?

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What is Browser?

Browser is called software and programs that enable us to access and view web pages. To put it in a little easier language, the platforms we use every day when connecting to the internet are Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer. And if these platforms were not available, it would not be possible to connect to the internet today.

How it Work

The browser provides viewing of all documents on the world wide web, and this is compatible with all documents. Let's say we want to get a hosting service and we will have a website with this service ... This hosting service must be compatible with all browser services used worldwide. Because if this harmony is not achieved, it will not be possible for our website to be viewed by visitors.

Each browser service uses a different protocol. For example: The protocol used by the www service is http or https. Ftp uses the ftp protocol.

Internet Browsers in the Historical Process
For this process it is necessary to go back twenty, twenty-five years from now. The system, the foundations of which were laid at these times, when we do not know anything about the Internet, has been strengthened until today. Immediately after Unix, known as the first internet browser, Netscape company managed to stand out with Navigator. These are the first known service providers in history, but the adventure started with Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer was one step ahead of other browsers with its features. Then the browser named Opera was proposed.

Google Chrome and Mozilla appeared on the scene later than others. However, the success of Google Chrome in this regard is at the top of all browsers today ...

Features of Browsers

Opera: Opera service provided by Software company is appreciated for its ability to work comfortably on many platforms. In addition, its compliance with standards and speed is another preferred reason for those who use it.

Mozilla: Designed by The Mozilla Group, Mozilla also managed to stay on the agenda with the development of the Gecko browser engine. Mozilla is very successful in adapting to various platforms, and its speed is also very good.

Mosiac: The Mosiac browser, developed by The NCSA, is a graphic-based browser and built with unique patterns.

Lynx: Lynx, a text-based browser, is criticized by its users due to the lack of frequent updates, but the number of users using this browser is not small.

Google Chrome: With Google stepping into the internet world, the memorization has been broken. Google Chrome, which is the most preferred browser in the world today, continues to be appreciated thanks to its fast use and smooth access.

Structure of Browsers

A browser consists of seven main foundations. The first is the user interface. This section includes bookmarks, address bar, forward and back buttons. The second part is the Browser engine. The Rendering engine comes right after that, this is the part that displays your calls. Other elements are networking, Ul backend, Java Script interpreter and finally data memory. With these elements, your browser works perfectly and responds correctly to your calls.