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What is Latitude and Longitude?

Latitude is the value of the distance of any point on the earth from Ecuador in terms of angle. Latitude indicating the distance of the point in question to Ecuador in degrees, minutes and seconds; It is divided into 3 as low, medium and high latitudes. The latitudes close to the equator are called low latitudes and the latitudes close to the Poles are called high latitudes, while the latitudes between these latitudes are called middle latitudes. Imaginary circles formed by points with the same latitude are also called parallel. The Initial Parallel is considered the Equator.

Using latitude and parallel in the same definition, do not understand the two terms as the same lines. Latitude is called the value of parallels in angle. This angle means the angle of the distance of any point on Earth to Ecuador. We can summarize with the formula "1 degree = 60 minutes", "1 minute = 60 seconds". It is expressed as (15 degrees 11 '22") after the exact determination of a point.

The angular value in the center of the distance of any point in the world from Greenwich, that is to the Starter Ladder, is also called longitude. In other words, longitude; means the value, in degrees, minutes, and seconds of the parallel arc that falls between the Initial Meridian of any point. The English equivalent is expressed by the word 'longitude'. The term 'longitude' is used because there are imaginary lines that divide the world into longitudinal slices.

Longitude lines that divide the globe into 360 equal parts are considered zero degrees when they pass through the Greenwich Observatory. It was accepted at the International Meridian Conference held in America in 1875. There's a simple reason why Greenwich is considered the starting meridian. As the ships used Greenwich as the starting meridian and zero degrees at that time, such a decision was taken at the conference in question. West Longitude to the lines to the west of the zero degree longitude; the lines to the east are called the East Longitude.

Longitude and meridians can be mixed. Let's make this distinction with a short definition. Meridian; They are imaginary arcs in the shape of a semicircle formed by the joining of the same longitude points on the earth. Meridians, which divide the Earth into slices, like an apple or orange slice, lie between the poles and their ends merge at the poles. It makes a right angle to the equator. They are springs that divide the earth into 360 equal parts.